Friday, March 15, 2013

Malware Analysis Training at Nova Labs

It's official: Wednesday April 17th, 2013 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm will be the first Malware Analysis class at Nova Labs.  The MAL100 - Basic Dynamic Analysis class will cover basic dynamic analysis, where students will run a simple malware sample in a hosted sandbox environment and learn how to identify changes in that environment with popular analysis utilities. The classes will be $25 per class and each session will be capped at 20 students 15 students (reduced due to space size constraints).  Based on the popularity so far the first class may need to be repeated 3x!

There are plans to make the course content available to students remotely, but that's still being worked out.  UStream is highly likely, but access to the lab environment is going to require students to be on-site.  The beauty of the class setup is all you need to bring is a Laptop with a VNC client.  You'll get access to a virtual machine running on a Nova Labs server.

To register to take the class in-person, please join the Nova Lab's Meetup group.  Click here for the meetup event page for the class.  In Shmoocon-style, registration will open on March 20th at 12:00pm.  The class is expected to fill up quickly, so set a reminder!

While we're looking for students to take the class, we're also looking for co-instructors to help develop curriculum and help teach classes.  To see what's been developed or to help please join the [IT-Security] mailing list through the Nova Labs website.  Here's how:

  1. Register an account with Nova Labs (you'll need to do this if you want to become a full blown member of the 'space): Nova Labs Account Registration.  
  2. Next, click the My Account link in the top right of the Nova Labs homepage.  
  3. Then click Mailing Lists and scroll down to the subscribe link to add yourself to the IT-Security mailing list.  This is also where you can find the [IT-Security] list archives.  The lists are only accessible to people with Nova Labs accounts, so you'll need to be signed in to your Nova Labs account. 

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