Monday, October 4, 2010

Meeting Summary: Sep 13 2010 - 0x0006

1) Lucas; presented on 'data leakage in the microsoft office customer improvement program'. Demo'd out how microsofts program stores data from documents and e-mails that could leak sensitive information.

2) Rob 'Mubix'; presented on memory forensics for pentesters.

3) Rich 'Warewolf'; presented on Regripper and its useful plugins for forensics.

4) Jason; presented on his adventures and experience in FIPS 200 compliance from a sysadmins and testers pov

5) Tiffany; presented on the upcoming opening of ReverseSpace and her adventures therein

6) Nick; presented on basics in malware analysis using ida pro

7) Gerry; presented on some plans for local CTF competitions

8) Lucas; gave a short plug for sec jobs with ICF ... Lucas as your boss! Scary ...

9) Jim; presented on Gibsons and how they are used to overturn oil tankers a.ka. IBM zenterprise and associated architecture.

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