Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NoVA Hackers is back!

Well, at least it's now a reality in web form. The NoVA hackers mailing list has been thriving for the last 3 months with over 1400 messages posted and 79 active members with topics ranging from advanced malware analysis and forensics to job opportunities and barcode analysis.

That group can be found at: http://groups.google.com/group/novahackers

It is an invite only group, but any member may invite. We have evening meetings once a month on the second Monday of the month. We will still be having our meeting in February on the 8th with the intention that people who might not be leaving suddenly can come and check out the meeting. These dinner meetings have at least one presentation and are currently hosted at:

Inflow 4:30PM - Start ~5:00PM
Glory Days Grill
3059 Nutley Street, Fairfax, VA 22031-1931

which is a stones throw from the Vienna metro exit.

We also have lunch meetings which are less formal and more centrally located:

Inflow 11:30AM - Start ~11:45
China Garden
1100 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 525-5317

which is near the Rosslyn metro exit in the Channel 7 building, at the top of the escalators.

The lunch meetings happen on the last Thursday of the month. Next meeting being January 28th.

We have opened up the web site for members to post about the meetings, about conversations they have on the list, or other topics that relate to information security in the NoVA/DC area.

We follow the AHA set of rules which you can check out charter out for more details on, but basically boils down to:
You must contribute. (via posts, mailing list, questions, or presentations)

Meeting: 2010.01.11 0x0000

The 1st NoVA Hackers (0x0000) meeting was 11 Jan 2010.

Speaker Notes:

Mike Smith talked about barcodes for our first Nova Hackers Meeting

Info here: