Sunday, November 29, 2015

ShmooCon Epilogue 2016 Announcement



The 5th Annual ShmooCon Epilogue presented to you by the NoVA Hackers Association. It is an all-day con that is held right after ShmooCon. The even goes from 9 AM to 9 PM with lunch and dinner catered in to the event.


January 18th 2016, 9 AM to 9 PM


A 5 minute Taxi from IAD (Dulles National Airport)

Center for Innovative Technology
2214 Rock Hill Rd
Herndon, VA 20170

Call for Papers (CFP)

You can submit your CFP here:

  • Jan 3 - CFP closes
  • Jan 10 - CFP winners announced
We realize this is a tough timeline to hit for people who travel. But if you submit and don't get accepted, as long as it's a "decent" (yes subjective, read "no-automated") submission, you'll get a link to pay for a ticket into the con, even if we are sold out.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

We've invited a very talented group of high school students to create this years CTF competition for ShmooCon Epilogue.  Are you smarter than a high schooler? Come find out. (The expectation is this will be a great learning CTF and hope that people of all skill levels will find it fun. While CTFs are generally competitive, we hope this will also be a great learning experience for all participants.)

HAM Radio Training and Tests

One of the Nova Hackers members will be offering a training in the morning from 9am to noon that will cover all of the questions (and answers) you will face in getting a HAM Radio Technician license.

In the afternoon, thanks to the generous help of the HAMs from HacDC (@hacdc), we will be having exams at Epilogue for getting your Technician license or upgrading to General or Extra. The tests will take place from 2pm to 5pm and the cost for the test will be $15 cash/check ONLY (not included in admission), which goes to the ARRL.


We are using Eventbrite again this year, you can find the ticket iframe below, or if you are a NoScript subscriber, you can click this link:


TimeSpeaker and Title
0900-0930grecs - NovaHackers & Friends Threat Exchange
0930-1000Andy - Your Challenge Responses are Wrong
1000-1100l0stkn0wledge - How to Not Cheat on Your Spouse: What Ashley Madison Can Teach Us About OpSec
1100-1200chill/detro - The Art of Post-infection Response and Mitigation
1300-1330pwcrack - The 10 Greatest Hacks of All Time
1330-1400Forgotten - Hiring Hackers: Fixing Technical Interviewing
1400-1500JoshInGeneral - Meeting People via Wifi and Bluetooth
1500-1600Craig Bowser - Simple SIEMan met a WMIn going to a fair
1600-1700grecs - Network Monitoring & Analysis 101: N00b to Ninja
1700-1730Anthony Tillman II/Full7il7 - What I Learned at the DefCon SECTF
1730-1800John Willis - DAT Security Functionality (DATSecFun) Tool
1900-2000Joe Klein - Eyes Open, No Fear, Be Safe! or State of the Internet & Technology
2000-2100N1tr0 - Teaching Operators to Write Code