Friday, July 9, 2010

No July Meeting

No July Meeting, see everyone after B-Sides, Blackhat and Defcon

Meeting: 2010.06.10 0x0004

The 5th NoVA Hackers (0x0004) meeting was 10 June 2010.

Speaker Notes:

1) Grecs on his 'securing macs' presentation - POV of a non mac user coming up to speed on what are the best things he can do/use to secure and lockdown a stock mac.

2) cktricky with his dynamic code analysis of android apps. Cool lil demo of his tool set and some awesome window moving fu.

3) Julie and her discussion on the finer points of performance testing as it relates to network load and througput. Interesting sub discussion on product testing.

4) TheX1le and hp printer owning foo over pjl. HP printers as stealth storage and persistence devices. APT! No roflcopters were harmed in the making of this presentation. (this was hilarious btw)

5) Tuna with an update to using U3 as an attack vector by subverting the applications it hosts. Namely using open office to pop a box.

6) Tuna plus IamEd in using unreleased python enabled phone fu to spam lucas' cell into oblivion. Subsequent discussion of theoretical scanning devices that can be used to grab phone numbers in the immediate area OTA.

7) Joe and his always scary IPv6 talks focusing on common and uncommon tunnels he has encountered. ipv6 over udp over ssh over https over ipv4 burned to a cd and fedex'd to your core switch ... I think joe needs to redo this one since we were pushing the clock and he barely got going with the good stuff ...

-thanks to Chris S. for the wrapup