Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meeting: 2010.04.15 0x0002

The 3rd NoVA Hackers (0x0002) meeting was 15 April 2010.

Speaker Notes:

@cktricky and @jack_mannino talked about Low Tech Hacking
@wadew talked about reversing on the android OS
@Falconsview talked about B-Sides
@llsecurity talked about GPS forensics
@carnal0wnage talked about metasploit and lotus domino
@theharmonyguy talking about Facebook hacking
Brett T. talked about ipv6 basics
@mubix talked about ipv6 offensive operations

A couple of presenters posted their slides in the files section of the NoVA Hackers group. Group members should have access to them, otherwise you should have been there.