Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 ShmooCon Epilogue Speaker list and Schedule

Thank you to all that have submitted! Here is the 2013 ShmooCon Epilogue Speaker Lineup:

Talk Title/DescriptionSpeakerTime
Malware Analysis in 3 StepsGrecs10:00
Burp Proxy Web Analysis "Suiteness"Joshua Schroeder11:00
Ruining Security Models with SSHAndrew Morris13:00
Future of Mobile Platform SecurityRichard Puckett14:00
Finding TOR nodes on VirustotalBrandon Dixon15:00
The Makings of an Insider Threat ProgramShane Shroeder15:30
Hacking Non-Traditional SystemsLuis "connection" Santana16:00
Getting Started with CTFsForgotten17:00
The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments Chris Gates and Joe McCray18:00
The Current Packers and Crypters of Our Generationn1tr019:00
No Tools? No Problem! Building a PowerShell Bot
Chris Campbell (obscuresec)20:00
Writing Malware for CCDCMubix21:00

Looking forward to seeing everyone come out!

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