Monday, October 14, 2013

New (first) Logo for NoVA Hackers

Huge thanks to +Brett Thorson (aka @handynerds ) for his work on getting the NoVA Hackers group an official logo: 

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Brett Thorson said...

A few notes about the logo.
The V is a "Hacker's Emblem" from the game of life turned several degrees in the clockwise direction from what is normally seen on the Internet.

The O is filled with a few things. One view could be a computer with expanding squares on it. Expanding access, expanding knowledge through hacking?
Turn it on it's side, and it becomes a 1 and a 0, or even an I and an O for Input Output.

And in case you are REALLY new here. NOVA stands for Northern Virginia, not the fact that we are a cataclysmic nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star.