Monday, January 16, 2012

ShmooCon Epilogue Speakers and Location

We finally have a location and speaker list locked down:


Meeting Monday 30 Jan 2012 at 10 AM - 11:00PM (All day event)
Location: ICF International, 9300 Lee Highway, Fairfax

(our normal meeting location which is just off of the Vienna metro stop and roughly 20 minutes from Dulles (IAD)).,-77.265805&spn=0.003968,0.006614&t=h&z=18

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Speaker Line-up / Schedule:

Talk Title/DescriptionSpeakerTime
So, the red team was her and tore you a new one. Now what?Ian Amit10:00
Resurrection of Ettercap: easy-creds, Lazarus & AssimilationEric Milam - (Brav0Hax) &
Emilio Escobar
Media Hype and Hacks that Never HappenedSpace Rouge13:00
More than one way to skin a cat --- identifying multiple paths to compromise a target through the use of Attach Graph AnalysisJoe Klein14:00
Proper Depth / Breadth testing for Vulnerability Analysis and fun with tailored risk reporting metrics.  Jason M Oliver15:00
Extending Information Security Methodologies for Personal User in Protecting PII.  John Willis15:30
We [the government] are here to Help: How FIPS 140 Helps (and hurts) SecurityJoey Maresca16:00
Java backdoors and cross-framework abuse.Nicholas (aricon) Berthaume17:00
Javascript deobfuscationGlen Pendley18:00
Javascript obfuscationBrandon Dixon19:00
Security Onion: Network Security Monitoring in MinutesDoug Burks20:00
The "Easy" Button for Your Web Application Security Career … or something else if people aren’t into that (e.g., P0wning the Firetalks, PHPIDS Foo, …)Grecs21:00
Bypassing Android PermissionsGeorgia Weidman22:00

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